Video Conferencing

"An Easy, Economical, and Time-Saving Tool"

Video Conferencing

By utilizing Golden State’s video conferencing services, you’ll be able to take testimony and statements from virtually anywhere in the world without ever having to set foot on an airplane or be caught in traffic. Gone are the days of removing your shoes to step through a metal detector or having to unpack your notebook computer or briefcase for the security inspection. The hassle of traffic gridlock, the soaring prices of gas and the stress of deadlines have now all been eliminated with our state-of-the-art high definition video conferencing. Just imagine taking the deposition of an expert witness at 9:00 a.m. in Chicago, meeting with a big client for lunch, playing a round of golf at 2:00 p.m., and being home in time for dinner with your family, all without leaving your own hometown.

High definition video conferencing is the perfect solution to beat the hassle and expense of travel and deadlines. Long-distance depositions, expert witness testimony, and internal communications are only a few examples of why video conferencing is used throughout the legal community. Attorneys will have to either travel to depose a witness remotely, require the witness to travel or take a statement over the phone. Traveling is very time-consuming and the cost associated with travel is rising. A telephonic deposition is very impersonal and does not allow for the reading of body language and eye contact, which are key elements in deciding how to work a case.

Video conferencing is, by far, the best way to make high-quality expert witnesses available to clients from anywhere in the world. In trying to reduce the amount of travel time and expense involved in using expert witnesses, many law firms employ video conferencing services to do trial preparation work. Golden State eliminates all distances in your trial preparation with expert witnesses. As with depositions, DVDs and videotapes can be made for submission and/or review.

Depositions, hearings, expert consultations, witness preparation, partner meetings, mock trials, jury research, settlement conferences, job interviews, staff development, contract negotiations and much more…there is virtually nothing that you can discuss in person that can’t be communicated face-to-face in a private video conference. Golden State has made being there an easy, economical and time-saving tool to complete your winning legal edge.

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