GOLDEN-WEB™ is the Ultimate On-Line Service to manage your deposition schedule and account activity. Clients are capable to download transcripts, exhibits and video for any job produced by Golden State. Email notification allows instant access to deposition files as soon as they are produced.

Using GOLDEN-WEB™ indexing and searching capabilities you can eliminate extraneous time spent searching through a myriad of documents in filing cabinets or off-site document repositories.

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Deposition Transcript Repository
Download transcripts, exhibits and videos from anywhere you have access to the Internet. These files are available in searchable PDF format.

Online Calendar
Access our master schedule 24/7 to see any changes or cancellations, set up future depositions, and review transcripts set by other firms in ongoing cases.

Case Activity
See your case activity at a glance. Search and download PDF invoices by case, witness name, or date. Easily summarize invoices for a particular case with the click of a button. Electronically pay outstanding balances and print a receipt.

NEW – Text Search & Media Streaming
Now with GOLDEN-WEB™ clients can search through 100s of transcripts in seconds and view video transcripts online. This sensational new product is completely state-of-the-art.

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