Court Reporters

"Impartial Guardian of the Record"

Court Reporters

Whenever and wherever you need a court reporter, you can rest assured that Golden State is your one-stop resource. Our network of top-notch court reporters stretches globally. And our friendly office staff is ready to provide you with the best possible service including a quick turn-around and e-mailed transcripts. We are fast, prompt, and precise and will go the extra mile to work with you in meeting all of your legal needs. Our number one priority is to cater to our clients’ diverse needs.

We select the best court reporters in the business and hold them to the highest standards possible. Our staff uses the most sophisticated equipment available to deliver top-quality services for today’s legal professionals. We are motivated to see that our clients receive the support and services they need to distinguish themselves in this highly competitive business world.

  • Court & Deposition Reporters
  • Realtime Court Reporters
  • Web-Streaming RealTime – Golden-Live
  • Transcript/Video Synchronization
  • Quality Controlled Transcripts
  • Accurate & On Time 
  • Last-Minute Coverage
  • Professional & Tech Savvy
  • Email or Fax Confirmation
  • Nationwide Coverage


Realtime transmission allows any party utilizing the realtime software on their laptop to link to the reporter’s laptop for instant transmission of the unedited proceedings. Litigators using management tools such as LiveNote, DepoSmart, Sanction, or Transcript Manager Pro, can electronically perform annotations, make notes, perform searches using multiple transcripts during the deposition process allowing you full advantage in the deposition setting.

With Golden State no extra computer is required. When you schedule your realtime deposition with Golden State, please inform your Deposition Specialist that you would like to be provided one.

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