Trial Presentation & Equipment Rental

Trial Presentation & Equipment Rental

The right equipment makes the right impact to the jury. For PowerPoint or Digital Trial Software (Sanction, Trial Director or Visionary), we recommend using our complete trial computer systems which include a computer, high resolution multimedia projector, LCD monitor or Theater-Lite screen, a wireless keyboard and a mouse. We can provide an extra monitor for the judges’ use, if requested. We provide full delivery, installation, and retrieval of the equipment. We will also train you at theinstallation on each component’s basic functions and are available to assist you in the court room.

Our equipment includes, but is not limited to, the following:

19″ LCD Computer Monitor

  • Daily & Weekly Rental Prices

26″ LED Monitor with built-in DVD player

  • Daily & Weekly Rental Prices

32″ LED Monitor with built-in DVD player

  • Daily & Weekly Rental Prices

42″ Plasma no built-in DVD player

  • Daily & Weekly Rental Prices

Super High Resolution Multimedia Trial Projector

  • Budget & Premium Systems with Daily & Weekly Prices

Screen (LCD or Theater-Lite):
This screen sets up quickly and has adjustable vertical size to suit many different aspect ratios.

  • Five Foot Screen
  • Eight Foot Screen

Elmo Digital Cameras

Also Available:
Complete Court Room Packages
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
All Necessary Cables and Wires
Computer Laptop
Speaker System


Audiotape Duplication, Digitization & Transcription:
We provide high quality, affordable duplication, digitization and transcription services to you with your deadline in mind. We can digitize your micro-cassettes and standard audio cassette and transfer them onto a high-quality audio CD.  Over time the quality of audiotapes will degrade and you’ll need to archive them soon before they become unsalvageable. Give us a call and we’ll digitize them.

DVD & CD Data Duplication:
At Golden State we can convert your videos to the DVD format allowing you to preserve your video for many years to come. While tape degrades every time you play it, DVDs can be played thousands of times without any change in quality. Not only will they be preserved, but with DVD you can take advantage of the power of DVD to navigate your video. We can also transcribe the video providing you with a script-like text of the video.

We also encode and stream media enabling you to take your existing video content and digitize it for use in presentations or on the web. We support the following formats:

  • AVI
  • MPEG-1, MPEG-2 & MPEG-4
  • Windows Media
  • QuickTime
  • RealVideo

We specialize in converting your videos between the various video formats. We support the following original formats:

  • DVD
  • VHS
  • MiniDV
  • Hi8
  • S-VHS
  • VCD

Our Data Destroyer provides the right way to destroy CDs and DVDs. Our unique process damages discs on both sides preventing unauthorized use of stored data on discarded discs in a monitored environment.

Golden State provides DVD and CD data duplication services in small and large quantities. We use state-of-the-art professional duplicating and label printing equipment. Each disc is verified after the recording process for quality control purposes.

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