Legal Videographers

"Providing Picture and Sound of Important Witnesses"

Legal Videographers

The growing trend in the deposition arena is the use of a legal videographer to record the proceedings. The videotaped deposition saves time, money, and provides the visual image and voice of important witnesses who cannot appear in court. If a witness is important enough to be called to appear at a trial but cannot attend, the solution is a videotaped deposition.

Videotaped depositions lower trial cost dramatically and decrease actual trial time by as much as 25%. One drawback to a written transcript is that it does not show the witness’s demeanor, body language and sighs, which can be very telling. The video deposition has fast become the most powerful tool a trial attorney can have during discovery and at trial.

Our legal videographers are trained, qualified specialists, and are Notaries Public pursuant to Civil Code. We arrive one hour prior to the start of taping to asses the room and make any necessary adjustments before the proceedings begin. We have backup equipment available, and continually monitor the performance of our equipment during the recording process. We use state-of-the-art “3 CCD” broadcast quality cameras, XLR microphone mixers, lavaliere microphones and professional backdrops to assure the best quality throughout the proceedings. We assure that the testimony made before the camera will be equally effective before a jury.

We Offer Following:
  • Videotaping Depositions
  • Transcript/Video Synchronization
  • Video Streaming Over Internet
  • Video Editing
  • Video Duplication
  • Video Transfer
  • Still Shot Photos From Video
  • Day-In-The-Life Documentaries
  • Industrial Site Inspections
  • Seminar and lecture videotaping
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