Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are available in all of our locations

4 Conference Rooms in Fairfield

3 Conference Rooms in Sacramento

3 Conference Rooms in Stockton

2 Conference Rooms in Yuba City

1 Conference Room in Tahoe

Executive Suite (Room 1 – Larger)

Corporate Suite (Room 2 – Medium size)                                                                      

We are the areas leader when it comes to our Luxurious Conference Rooms.

Our conference rooms are fit with the following:

  • Video Conferencing capabilities
  • Flat panel TV
  • DVD Player
  • Projectors and Screens
  • Wi-Fi access to a dedicated T-1 line
  • Tele-Conferencing
  • Professional speakers
  • Projectors and Screens
  • Refreshment area


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